Revitalizing Brand Identity: A Case Study of Our Freelance Logo Design Services

by Chris McDaniel
Case Study of Our Freelance Logo Design Services

"The Sweet Crust" is a charming, family-owned bakery located in the heart of a small town. For 25 years, this bakery has been the cornerstone of the local community, creating a rich tapestry of flavors and experiences through its artisanal breads, cakes, and pastries.

From the outset, the owners, the Morgan family, placed an unwavering emphasis on quality and tradition. The recipes were passed down through generations, and each loaf of bread or pastry was made with the same love and attention as those baked in their family kitchen decades ago.

However, "The Sweet Crust" was never stuck in the past. While maintaining the essence of their traditional baking methods, the Morgans had always been open to evolution. They embraced modern techniques, incorporated innovative recipes, and, most notably, made a commitment to source their ingredients from local farmers, ensuring freshness and supporting their community.

As the bakery prepared to celebrate its quarter-century milestone, the family realized that their brand image, specifically their logo, did not accurately reflect their evolution. The existing logo, created when the bakery first opened its doors, held a nostalgic charm, but it didn't tell the full story. It didn't encompass their modern approach to traditional baking, their dedication to the community, or their commitment to using locally sourced ingredients.

This disconnect between their brand image and identity led the Morgans to seek our services for a logo redesign—an updated logo that would serve as a true representation of "The Sweet Crust" in its current form: a bakery that seamlessly blended tradition with innovation and cared deeply for its community.

Our Approach

Embarking on this exciting project with "The Sweet Crust," our approach was designed to translate their unique story into a compelling visual identity. Our process was as follows:

  1. Briefing: Our first step was to conduct an in-depth interview with the owners of "The Sweet Crust". We learned about their journey, the bakery's history, and their vision for the future. We discovered the aspects that made the bakery special - their seamless blend of traditional methods with modern baking techniques, their strong sense of community, and their commitment to using locally sourced ingredients.
  2. Research: Following our briefing, we delved deeper into understanding the bakery's target audience, their competition, and the general landscape of bakery logos. We also studied the bakery's current brand elements - color schemes, typography, and messaging.
  3. Conceptualization: Equipped with a deep understanding of "The Sweet Crust" and its environment, our team began brainstorming and sketching different design concepts. Each concept represented a unique interpretation of the bakery's essence, all aiming to strike the perfect balance between tradition and modernity.
  4. Presentation: After several internal revisions and refinements, we presented a range of logo concepts to the owners. The designs varied from abstract representations to more literal interpretations of their business, providing them a variety to choose from.
  5. Revisions: Based on the owners' feedback, we selected one concept that resonated the most with them—a modern rendition of a classic loaf of bread, crossed with a wheat stalk, symbolizing their commitment to locally sourced ingredients. We fine-tuned this design, adjusting colors, form, and typography to match their vision accurately.
  6. Delivery: After the design was finalized and approved by the owners, we delivered the new logo in several formats suitable for various applications - from store signage, packaging, and uniforms to their website and social media platforms.

Our approach to this logo redesign project was marked by a deep understanding of the brand, creative exploration, and collaboration with the owners, ensuring the final design truly embodied the spirit of "The Sweet Crust".


The new logo of "The Sweet Crust" was revealed during the bakery's 25th-anniversary celebration—an event that brought together the community in a delightful blend of shared memories, future aspirations, and of course, delectable baked goods.

The logo, featuring a modern rendition of a classic loaf of bread crossed with a wheat stalk, was met with an overwhelmingly positive response. Customers appreciated the simplicity and modernity of the new logo, and the wheat stalk element resonated deeply, as it signified the bakery's commitment to locally sourced ingredients.

Beyond aesthetics, the logo managed to convey a message that was at the core of "The Sweet Crust"—a bakery rooted in tradition, yet moving with the times, and a brand deeply embedded in the community it serves. The redesign wasn't just a new visual representation; it was a narrative that connected with the customers at an emotional level.

In the months following the logo reveal, "The Sweet Crust" reported a marked increase in footfall at their store. The new logo, featured prominently on their storefront, drew attention and piqued the interest of both existing and potential customers. The fresh look seemed to have reinvigorated the brand, sparking renewed interest and conversations around it.

Furthermore, their revamped logo significantly boosted their online presence. On social media platforms, the modern and visually pleasing logo stood out, attracting more followers and increasing engagement rates. The logo was not just well-received but was also frequently shared, increasing visibility and organic reach.

Overall, the new logo became a driving force for "The Sweet Crust" as it embarked on its next phase of business. It helped them strengthen their bond with the existing customer base while attracting a newer audience, thereby marking the beginning of a promising new chapter in their story.

This real-life outcome highlights the power of thoughtful design and how a well-executed logo can play a pivotal role in enhancing a brand's image, resonance, and ultimately, its success.

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