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Elevating Brand Identity: A Case Study on Simply Stunning's Success with Freelance Brand Style Guide Services

by Chris McDaniel
A Case Study on Simply Stunning's Success with Freelance Brand Style Guide Services

Company Background

Simply Stunning, established in 2019, is a fast-growing eCommerce platform with a focus on organic beauty products. The company was founded on the belief that beauty should be synonymous with health and sustainability. With a comprehensive selection of high-quality products, from skincare and makeup to hair care, Simply Stunning caters to a wide range of beauty needs with a commitment to organic and eco-friendly practices.

Their passion for providing safer beauty alternatives quickly resonated with consumers. Within a short span, Simply Stunning was attracting a considerable following of health-conscious consumers, and they were experiencing a steady growth in sales. Despite their compelling product range and promising customer base, they identified a challenge that they needed to overcome to ensure long-term success: maintaining a consistent brand identity across all their platforms and communication channels.

Simply Stunning had invested significantly in developing a strong brand vision that prioritized sustainability, health, and quality. However, they found that their visual identity across different platforms, including their website, social media channels, and promotional materials, lacked consistency. This disconnect was creating confusion among their audience and diluting their brand's strong message of natural, safe beauty.

Recognizing the importance of a consistent brand identity in establishing credibility and fostering customer loyalty, Simply Stunning sought a solution. They needed a comprehensive Brand Style Guide that would serve as a blueprint for their brand's visual representation, ensuring consistency regardless of the platform or medium. However, while their vision was clear, they lacked the technical expertise and design skills to translate it into a practical and easy-to-follow guide. That's when they turned to our Brand Style Guides Freelance Services.

The Challenge

As Simply Stunning continued to grow, they noticed a critical issue impacting their brand perception and ultimately their relationship with customers: an inconsistent visual identity. Their logos, color schemes, typography, and imagery varied across different platforms, from their website to their social media channels and promotional materials. This inconsistency was causing confusion among their audience and was diluting their brand's powerful message of promoting organic, eco-friendly beauty solutions.

An inconsistent brand identity can lead to several problems for a company. It can create confusion among customers, dilute the brand's message, weaken brand recall, and even reduce trust in the brand. In Simply Stunning's case, the lack of a consistent visual identity was causing their target audience to struggle to recognize their brand across different platforms, reducing the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

Moreover, they needed a Brand Style Guide, a critical tool that would ensure consistency in their brand's visual identity. This guide should encompass all key visual elements of their brand, including logos, color palettes, typography, imagery, and tone of voice, among other things. However, they were facing a significant hurdle. While the ABC team had a clear vision of what their brand stood for and the message they wanted to convey, they lacked the technical skills to convert this vision into a detailed and practical style guide.

Their challenge was twofold: first, to find a resource with the necessary design skills and technical expertise to create a comprehensive brand style guide; and second, to ensure this resource could accurately interpret their brand vision and translate it into a visual guide that would serve as the cornerstone of their brand identity across all platforms and mediums. To overcome this challenge, Simply Stunning decided to explore our Brand Style Guides Freelance Services.

The Solution

To tackle their challenge, Simply Stunning turned to our platform for Brand Style Guides Freelance Services. Our platform provided them with access to a diverse range of talented freelance designers specializing in brand style guide creation, enabling them to find a solution tailored to their specific needs and objectives.

After posting their project, Simply Stunning started receiving proposals from skilled freelancers. Each proposal offered a unique perspective, but it was Jane's proposal that truly stood out. Jane was a seasoned freelance designer with substantial experience in creating comprehensive brand style guides. Her portfolio demonstrated a strong understanding of brand identity, an exceptional eye for design, and a knack for translating a brand's essence into a coherent visual language.

After careful review of her proposal, portfolio, and previous client testimonials, Simply Stunning decided to engage with Jane. Jane collaborated closely with the ABC team to understand their brand’s vision, values, ethos, and target audience. She spent time thoroughly understanding their desire for a brand identity that championed organic, eco-friendly beauty solutions and resonated with their health-conscious customer base.

Using this information, Jane drafted an outline for the brand style guide. This detailed plan included guidelines for logo usage, color palettes, typography, and imagery that captured the essence of Simply Stunning. The guide also covered voice and tone guidelines to ensure brand consistency beyond just visual elements. Jane's proposal demonstrated a clear understanding of Simply Stunning's needs and showed a practical pathway to achieving their desired result.

Impressed by Jane's clear communication, systematic approach, and evident understanding of their brand, Simply Stunning gave Jane the green light to commence the project.

The engagement marked the beginning of a fruitful collaboration that not only addressed the company's immediate challenge but also set the foundation for a stronger, more recognizable brand identity for Simply Stunning.

The Result

Jane, with her expert skills and experience, completed a comprehensive and detailed Brand Style Guide for Simply Stunning in just a few weeks. She meticulously crafted each section of the guide, ensuring it not only aligned with the company's vision but also provided practical instructions that could be easily followed by anyone working on the brand's visual representation.

The finalized Brand Style Guide beautifully encapsulated Simply Stunning's brand essence and vision. It detailed usage rules for the logo, defined a cohesive color palette inspired by nature, established typography guidelines that echoed the brand's ethos, and set standards for imagery to reflect the brand's commitment to organic and eco-friendly beauty products.

Upon receiving the completed guide, the team at Simply Stunning was highly impressed. The guide exceeded their expectations, accurately portraying their brand and providing clear, actionable guidelines for maintaining consistency across all platforms. They appreciated Jane's professionalism, communication, and remarkable understanding of their brand, which were evident in the quality of the final product.

With their new Brand Style Guide, Simply Stunning was able to implement a consistent visual identity across all their platforms. From their website and social media pages to their marketing materials, they now conveyed a coherent and impactful brand message. This consistency strengthened their brand image and elevated their online presence.

The effect of this transformation was significant. Within months, Simply Stunning reported an increase in brand recognition among their target audience. Their customer engagement levels improved, and they noticed a considerable enhancement in their overall market presence. By adhering to their new Brand Style Guide, they were able to eliminate confusion among their audience and build a stronger, more trusted brand.

Customers reported an increased sense of familiarity and trust towards the brand, leading to better brand recall and loyalty. Simply Stunning's decision to invest in a professionally created Brand Style Guide had indeed paid off, reflecting positively on their customer engagement, market presence, and ultimately, their bottom line.


This case study showcases how our Freelance Brand Style Guides Services can help businesses like Simply Stunning transform their brand presence. By leveraging the expertise of talented freelance designers, companies can establish a strong and consistent visual identity that resonates with their target audience and enhances their market presence.

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